5-HTP Weight Loss Review

Beautiful slender female body5-HTP is being proclaimed as the new weight loss sensational supplement. It is naturally occuring but also is made in the body as a step in serotonin metabolism.

These reviews try to understand how and why this supplement works rather than just relying on what others say about it, which I sometimes find unreliable.

It is a product which has been talked about for over 30 years. The role of serotonin in appetite suppression was recognised back then and 5-HTP is an important ingredient in its metabolism. So it is very important for many reasons. This explains its weight loss value.

Does 5-HTP work for weight loss?

Many studies have shown weight loss while taking 5-HTP. Controlled studies on obese women do seem to confirm the diet suppressant effect of 5HTP and as a result, weight loss. When the women in the group receiving the supplement also dieted, their weight loss was far more significant. What is extra helpful when using this supplement is that the women who were reducing their calorie intake by dieting, reported not feeling hungry. This is one of the ways how 5-HTP acts to reduce weight.

How does 5-HTP work?

5-HTP does not burn off the calories. It acts by suppressing appetite. This same effect has been tested on laboratory rats. Furthermore, rats bred to overeat – ie, selected for breeding because they ate continuously so that their offspring all overate; greedy rats! – were found to be deficient in the enzyme which is involved in the process of making 5HTP in the body. They were short of their own 5HTP.

Weight loss by reducing comfort eating!

Excessive weight often results from a combination of factors. The bad eating habits can be a result of emotional problems. Sugar and chocolate eaten at times of stress or boredom. Comfort eating is a well accepted phenomenon. One can easily get stuck in a habit of comfort eating which only gives short lived satisfaction so the habit continues.

Treating the cause of the comfort eating; the emotional state or the depression, is the only lasting solution. There is some evidence that obese people may be short of sufficient serotonin or the enzyme which synthesises it, just as was discovered in the hungry rats.

It must be explained here that it is not 5-HTP which has the appetite suppressant effect but the serotonin into which it is formed in the body. It is an essential step in the manufacture this hormone. [It is more correctly called a neurotransmitter]*Naked underwear male model closeup shot

It has a short life in the circulation before it is broken down. Melatonin, another very important hormone is made from its breakdown so a shortage of one affects the production of the other. I will develop this point later. Melatonin affects very many of the body’s functions.

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Why should I take 5-HTP?

The role of 5-HTP is more subtle. Serotonin is made in the brain and in some of the cells of the intestines. It is this hormone which leads to the weight loss by its action is within the brain.

There is a protective mechanism in the body called the blood brain barrier. This barrier protects the brain by inhibiting the flow of some chemicals into the brain area and its fluids. Serotonin cannot pass through this barrier. But 5-HTP can. It is here that it is turned into the serotonin which affects weight loss by appetite control and resolving depression. This is also why taking the supplement works in treating many conditions of the nervous system.

Is this a safe way for weight loss?

This is a naturally occurring compound which is very safe. There are no recorded serious side effects. There are some incidents of intestinal upset. Many of us have certain normal foods which do not agree with us. This supplement seems to fall into such a category on occasions.

It is not advisable to take 5-htp when taking other medication for depressive type conditions. So it would be wise to discuss its use while on medication. There will be a maximum amount of serotonin which the healthy body will produce so while some people report effects from taking too high a dose, there does not seem to be a big problem here.

The risks of too much serotonin may arise when using antidepressants which have their effect by stopping its breakdown in the normal way. In doing this, levels can rise to levels where problems occur. Taking supplements which enable the production of more serotonin at times like this may lead to a problem.


5-HTP is a safe supplement. An additional benefit is that when taking it, people do not need to take prescribed medicines which can have a very profound effect on the body generally and have difficult withdrawal effects also. Anything which replaces medication such as this has got to be recommended.

That 5-HTP will help you to lose weight seems to be proven. It does not burn calories or fat but it supports the manufacture of sufficient of an essential hormone where it may be in short supply. This suppresses appetite from within the brain.

Serotonin has also been called the happiness hormone and so may also help to reduce comfort eating by reducing the anxiety and depression which are frequently blamed for it. Two ways for 5-HTP to assist weight loss.

Serotonin shortage is also blamed for addictions. 5-HTP has a curative role to play here also. When addictions involve high alcohol or sugar intake, it is obvious that stopping will contribute to weight loss also.

5-HTP has an important role to play in weight loss.

It is wise to buy supplements such as this from a reputable supplier.

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* Afternote; to learn about the difference between a hormone and neurotransmitter Read Here.

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5-HTP Benefits

The Benefits are explained by the Role of 5-HTP as the important ingredient in the making of  Serotonin and Melatonin.

tulipThis is an attempt to understand why 5-HTP has an important benefit in the treatment of Weight Management, but also very interesting benefits for; Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Sleep Disorder, Blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, Migraine and Withdrawal from Antidepressant Medication and drug abuse.

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5-HTP Side Effects

Researching about this amazing supplement has made me a bit evangelical. This is not just any ordinary dieting pill.  It is a far more intriguing product about which there can be little doubt. It is its method of action which makes 5-HTP so interesting and while it helps dieting it has so many other benefits. I will say at the outset that there are few side effects about which to be concerned. There is a caution however when taking it with some antidepressants. Read on;

Griffonia Simplicifolia

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5-HTP Reviews


Does it Work for Weight loss;

A very brief search of the internet gives a very positive opinion of this supplement. There can be  Slim girllittle doubt that 5-HTP will help in weight loss for the majority of people. But because of its method of working it is possible that it will not work for everyone. I am sure that this applies to any product. However this supplement has a demonstrable and verifiable action in the body that I believe it can be taken with more confidence than many products which claim the same effect.

The weight loss effect is discussed in more detail HERE.

Always be careful to purchase a reliable and pure product.

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